Fusing Nature and Science: Premier’s Unique Approach to Skincare

Since as far back as our written history states, man has been surrounded by the beautiful and bountiful force known as nature. This phenomena covers all things in the physical world including its inhabitants, its landscapes, geographical formations, and a mysterious underlying complexity that governs and drives it all to live and prosper. The complexity found within the simplicity of nature has inspired man to study and dissect it to unlock its secret, thus science was born. By systematically studying and tweaking scientific procedures, man has been able to harness this mysterious beauty and power of nature to help humankind in all aspects of life. One such aspect, skincare, is Premier’s area of expertise when it comes to combining nature and science.

The natural world is breathtakingly beautiful and unique. From the wide stretched expanses of undiscovered deep sea life to the highest elevated mountains that ascend far past the clouds, nature reveals itself in a variety of physical manifestations. Somewhere between the deep sea and highest mountain is the lowest point of elevation on land, the Dead Sea. This natural phenomena is 1,378 feet below sea level. Given this unique property, nature has bestowed the Dead Sea with one of a kind features found nowhere else on the planet including salinity levels of 32% and concentrated minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium. These minerals found within the Dead Sea have natural healing properties to human skin. However, the Dead Sea, regarded as the world’s first natural spa, is located in Israel and is thus, not so convenient of a place for the rest of the world to visit. This is where science comes in.

Premier Dead Sea factories full of dermatologists and biological scientists in Israel are tirelessly working to harness the powers of the Dead Sea and converting its natural secrets into skincare products that can be shared all around the world. Employing the power of science, Premier uses soy liposome cells that are 100% identical to human protein cells. These liposomes are vessels that are emptied of their genetic material, then filled with Premier’s active ingredients. This technique of delivery gives a natural and extremely effective application method that can be found in products such as Premier’s Eye Serum and Moisture Cream.

Accompanying the liposome scientific method, Premier Dead Sea has discovered a special delivery method of protecting its products from oxidizing. When any skincare product comes in contact with the air, the oxygen attacks the active ingredients reducing their effectiveness. Premier “freezes” its products at room temperature into what they call a Mineral Bar. This product keeps active ingredients separate from the cream so that it maintains its effectiveness longer. This ingenious technique is employed in Premier products such as the Moisture Complex and Thermal Beauty Experience Mask.

By combining science and nature, Premier Dead Sea harnesses nature’s power to provide the Dead Sea’s benefits to the entire world. The Dead Sea, which only measures 312 square miles, can now give its natural healing abilities to the 57.5 million square miles of the rest of the world and that is the beauty of science combined with nature.