How to Trace Minerals to Skin Care

How to Trace Minerals to Skin Care: Connecting the Skin’s Relationship to Minerals

Homeostasis is the goal of any living organism. The ultimate peace and tranquility of a perfectly balanced apparatus should run seamlessly like well-greased clockwork. This is also what taking care of our health gives our human body. It ideally should run perfectly balanced but we have to realize what it takes for our body to operate in this manner. There are key ingredients to our existence that our body must use in order to perform the balancing act. These little bits of resources are called minerals. As responsible body owners, keep in mind that you should balance out your mineral intake so that your body can stay stocked up for when the need for a specific mineral arises. The importance of minerals is very widespread to the human body. In particular, we will look into which minerals affect the skin. Having more attractive skin can be as easy as stocking up nature’s remedies such as Magnesium, Calcium, Silica, Sodium, and Potassium.

                Beginning with Magnesium, a mineral commonly found in pumpkin seeds, spinach, various nuts, and of course, the almighty banana. This very important player in the body’s balancing act plays the role of caretaker for the skin’s elasticity. Of the 50% of the Magnesium at play in the tissues (the other half is busy at work in the bones) Magnesium works with the contractile proteins to keep the flesh stretchable without cracking.

                Calcium, the chief protector of our skeletal structure, has more roles than preventing osteoporosis in the body. The mineral abundantly found in milk, yogurt, broccoli, and almonds, plays a key role in preventing skin dryness, itching, and premature wrinkles. To fully utilize these rewards, pair calcium with an adequate amount of magnesium to unlock its potential.

                Silica, a mineral found in celery, carrots, and peppers, is an important agent in the formation of collagen. Collagen, being half of the dynamic duo of skin elasticity with Elastin, forms the basis for skin health. Silica also aids in cell hydration.

                Lastly, the mineral Potassium is also a great agent in skin care. Potassium, a commonly found mineral in avocados, spinach, white beans, and sweet potatoes, works directly on regulating cell integrity. By keeping electrolytes working, Potassium retains cell hydration by keeping the cells internally moisturized.

                Altogether, these minerals are very important for maintaining the health and integrity of the skin. Keeping them at constant levels requires a diverse diet, multivitamins with minerals, and a method of delivery that might not be so obvious, topical application. Direct application of these minerals can be a major advantage of cosmetics made with natural ingredients, such as Premier Dead Sea’s Moisture Cream for Multi-Use. This all-purpose cream combines natural minerals from natural sources such as avocado, liposomes, and Dead Sea minerals. Another great product to apply skincare minerals would be Premier Dead Sea’s Mud, Seaweed, and Honey Mask. This incredible mask is made of Dead Sea mineral mud along with other powerful ingredients to replenish the skin and increase its elasticity. Premier Dead Sea skincare products use minerals to their natural advantage on a scale that only the Dead Sea can provide. On average, Dead Sea mineral sources are at least 10 times more concentrated than even minerals found in ocean water. This unique characteristic makes Premier Dead Sea products truly the best source for natural minerals found in skincare!