Stem Cells – the scientific breakthroughs in cosmetics

Have you ever looked around your house to realize that all of your electronics have dead batteries? The AAA’s in the TV remote are dead, the AA’s in the kid’s toys have passed on, and of course the C’s of the flashlight have all ran out. What if there was a way you could take a single, size less battery and divide it into any number and any size of batteries you wanted? This indivisible adaption is the idea behind stem cells.

Stem cells are the jack of all trades when it comes to multi-cellular organisms. They begin with having no clear path or specialization. Their function is to grow from a blank slate into any fully developed and specialized cell the body requires. This is important to humans in the event that our bodies have a deficient amount or complete absence of required cells. In the most severe examples, stem cells could potentially cure Alzheimer’s and paralysis from spinal cord injuries. On a lesser note, stem cells may also be used to revive skin cells.

As our skin ages, it becomes damaged from years of sun exposure, loss of hydration, and environmental pollutants. The result of this damage is loss in skin tightness and elasticity, plus the unsightly abundance of deep set wrinkles. The goal of stem cell skin care is to rewind the clock of aging and replenish the youthful cells by filling in where once strong cells stood.

Stem Cells are plant cells which have been used successfully in medicine to help cure certain disease and have now been allowed for use in cosmetics.

Human cells are daily reproduced by our body and completely reproduce themselves every 15-30 days, BUT our cells are reproduced with out correcting the damages they have accumulated over time (damages such as sun spots, scars, freckles, wrinkles and general visual skin disorders). On the other hand plant stem cells CAN CORRECT their damages when they reproduce their cells. That is why a plant leaf may shrivel and have black burn spots on it but when the plant is watered and cared for the leaf will go back to being green and beautiful – this is all possible thanks to the plants ability to reproduce and correct disorders when reproducing.

Skin care is now at a revolutionary age with Premier Dead Sea’s release of the new 24H Quartz Gem Stem Cell Skin Care. This line features the new Premier Dead Sea Quartz Gem Metamorphosis Lifting Mask that is designed to help reverse the signs of aging and achieve a radiantly fresh look. Utilizing the powers of Dead Sea minerals, plant extracts, Rose Quartz, and Alpine Rose stem cells, the encapsulated ingredients become active and transform as the mask is applied from a soft white to a beautiful pink rose color!

Complementing the Metamorphosis Lifting Mask is the Premier Dead Sea Quartz Lifting Serum. This serum is also a revolutionary product that contains the Alpine Rose stem cells. These ingredients lift, firm, and remodel the skin while smoothing the appearance of wrinkles. This product accompanies the Metamorphosis Mask in the Quartz Gem lineup, and can be viewed in its entirety at